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Mike Chandler is a former Video Systems Engineer with the
Space Shuttle Program at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.
After leaving the Space Program Mike helped guide the
expansion of the Norfolk, Virginia based WILLIS
Broadcasting Radio Network as Director of Corporate Engineering. Denver, Colorado based International Broadcasting Network
also enlisted Mike to assist in the expansion of Bob Larson
Ministries as Director of Engineering and Development. Mike
went on to consult with major cellular phone companies such
as SPRINT, AT&T and other carriers in the early

rapid expansion of cellular phone services.
Mike has operated local radio stations in Virginia Beach,
Virginia, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Jacksonville,
Florida. He acquired the National REJOICE Musical Soul
Food Radio Network from the Walt Disney/ ABC Radio
Networks in 2008. Today, the REJOICE Musical Soul Food
Radio Network is Americas Premier Gospel Music radio
network. Mike hosts the nationally syndicated “Mike Chandler &
Friends Show that is heard in over 50 markets across the country.

Mike Chandler

The Eddy Music

Industry Award

Mike Chandler

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